Reps, BDRs, AEs, CSRs ... What's the difference?

Screenshot 2021-08-20 11.35.11 AMAmazon is not perfect! Sometimes not even the second time. Here's the story.

My cat, Mr. Magoo, needed Cat Pellets. So, on July 24th, I ordered them on Amazon with an expected delivery date of August 9th. A queen sized mattress was delivered on August 9th, but we had a busy day and dealt with it the next day. As it turns out, it was from Amazon, addressed to me and had the same order number as Mr Magoo's pellets. OOPS! Used the "We can call you" link and Josh called me. He asked questions and within a few minutes arranged for the mattress to be picked up, a refund to my account ad a $15 courtesy credit for my troubles. He said that I could use the credit to reorder the pellets. Which I did on August 10th.

I received this confirmation.

Screenshot 2021-08-20 12.01.21 PM

Mr. Magoo would have to wait a few more days.

On 'delivery day', I got this message.

Screenshot 2021-08-20 12.05.07 PM

Mr Magoo was NOT happy!

I used the "We can call you" link again.

Short version is that Vilora asked questions, found the pellets in stock and they were delivered on August 18th.

Mr. Magoo is very happy.

So what?

Clearly, somebody taught Josh and Vilora (along with other Amazon CSRs) how to diffuse emotion, eliminate distraction and ask questions in such a way that I understood that they were trying to help and that I wanted to answer until they understood my situation completely and could offer THE solution that would make me happy?

2020 and 2021 have been crazy times that changed the way many buy and sell.

Let me ask

  • When your AE or Rep reaches out to an inbound lead or inquiry or shows up for an appointment that's been scheduled by a BDR, do they know how to diffuse emotion, eliminate distraction and ask questions in such a way that the prospect understands that they are trying to help and the prospect wants to answer until the rep understand the situation completely and could offer THE solution that would make them happy?
  • Can your BDR move from "Hello" to a conversation that includes questions about a problem that the prospect may not even know that they have or that it's fixable?

Respectfully, I suggest that many reps, AEs, and BDRs are more interested in their quotas than they are in actually understanding and helping the person that they're talking with.

Respectfully, I suggest that many rep's prospects keeps their guard up to avoid answering questions that might be designed to trap them.

Respectfully, I suggest that many reps are more interested in closing what they have even if there's no fit rather than finding someone that they can actually help and wants the help.

About a week ago, I teased a program that will start September 7th. It's for teams selling the same stuff and will focus on making 4Q21 your best quarter ever. Talk to one of my clients and have them introduce us or use this link to get on my calendar.

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