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Ricks_bookAre you going to write a book? What about? Are you expert enough? Is your ego big enough? Strong enough? Are you willing to promote it? What if people buy it, but don't read it? How many will you have to give away? What if the only one that buys it is your mother? These are all questions that I've asked myself multiple times.

So, here's my thinking. I have about 900 articles at RainMakers & Rockstars.I have a couple of hundred here. Each of those sites has a search box. You can search for closing, prospecting, budget, rock star, whatever and get an answer. That's over 1,000 articles, hundreds of thousands of words at your fingertips. Much easier than searching the index of a book, don't you think? I'm never gonna write a book. I don't have the ego, but I will keep writing here. So, if you want to keep up to date, use the subscribe box to the right. Forward this article to your friends and tell them they should subscribe. What do you think about the title of my book?

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