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I'm not shy about suggesting that my coaching clients proactively say or write nice things about me.

Sarah McIntyre wrote Inbound sales rockstar? My experience with Rick Roberge.

Michael Pici wrote How to Write Emails People Want to Respond To [SlideShare] and put a link to My Best Questions on page 49 of his SlideShare.

Dan Lyons interviewed Pete Caputa and Jeetu Mahtani in What's a Sales Coach, and Why Do You Need One? and they said very nice things.

When John McTigue asked me to write the foreword for B2B Selling in the Age of the Customer, I thought, "Seriously?" and was very flattered.

I'm getting to the secret.

There have been many others and as a matter of fact, almost every day, someone reaches out and says, "I got your name from...." I love it. In my mind, a steady stream of referrals is 'Ultimate Inbound.' When someone does reach out, they'll typically tell me what my client told them about me. Abrasive, results oriented, helped them see the obvious, etc, However, they seldom know the one thing that could justify working together. Ready? Here we go.

  1. Understand that when someone talks to me, they don't really want to change. They want different results without changing who they are.
  2. Coaching is mostly debriefing past opportunities and strategizing upcoming opportunities.
  3. Sometimes pipelines are empty when we start.
  4. I usually start by looking at leads and opportunities from the past year or two. Two things happen. I start to get a picture of how my client works. Why they aren't getting the results that they want. What needs to change. Then, we practice by going back to some of those old leads. Here's the secret. Some of those old lost leads buy! What was nothing becomes something and often, the sales that we make on lost leads are enough to pay my entire fee.

How much money have you left on the table over the past year that's just waiting for me to help you get?

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