Sales Core Competencies

Three questions:

  1. Did somebody train or coach your salespeople today?
  2. Which of the 21 Core Competencies did today's training address and was it what needed to be addressed?
  3. Do they know what to do and can they do it?

I guess that's four questions, but we always ask #3 as one.

Are your salespeople extroverted? Persistent? Focused? Likeable? Intelligent? What else? Do you know which of the 21 Core Competencies they have and where they could improve?

Findings.jpgThis is a "Findings" sheet. Coaches, managers and trainers can use it as an easy reference to determine which core competency is at play in their salesperson in the current sales situation. It comes with each sales evaluation.

Notice the three groups of competencies.

  • Will to Sell
    • Desire
    • Commitment
    • Outlook
    • Motivation
    • Responsibility
  • Sales DNA
    • Approval
    • Emotions
    • Beliefs
    • Buy Cycle
    • Money
    • Rejection
  • Selling
    • Hunter
    • Relationship
    • Consultative
    • Value
    • Qualifier
    • Presentation
    • Closer
    • Process
    • CRM
    • Social

When a salesperson reads their evaluation, they learn how each competency is impacting their results. When a sales manager compares findings, they know where to help.

This morning a sales manager told me that his salesperson wants to know how to 'fix' his "Buy Cycle" and that was the rest of the 15 minute call. Knowing specifically what needs to change is awesome.

Do you know how your team stacks up against other teams in your industry or almost 2 million salespeople on teams at 26,000 companies worldwide? If you're into data, the new OMG statistics tool:

  • Explains each of the 21 Core Competencies for Salespeople
  • Shows what percentage of the components of each competency the 11 million salespeople had.
  • Shows the difference in findings between the top 10% and the bottom 10%.
  • And it's totally free to compare your team as a whole to the rest of the world or other teams in your industry.
  • If you want details for individuals or have questions about the results, contact me. If not, enjoy.

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