Sales Lessons from Planet Fitness

I am 100 pounds heavier than I want to be. So, my birthday present to myself was a membership to the local Planet Fitness. I was a member a few years ago for a year and I used the membership six times all year. Not the smartest decision that I ever made! So, at this point, I've been a member for two months and I've worked out 20 times. I did not work out the week we went to Mexico, nor the week we went to Mount Snow. So, I've been averaging 3 times/week when I'm in town.

I haven't lost a pound! I've used the treadmill, the elliptical and done the circuit. I've watched their televisions while I worked out, listened to my iPod and today just worked out. I was thinking about my weight as I worked out today and why I hadn't lost any weight.
  1. I really like pasta, pizza, and dessert.
  2. I also really like red wine.
  3. I like seconds and sometimes thirds.
  4. I like me too much to say, "No."

However, on the plus side, I have stopped gaining weight and, I noticed today that I have to walk or ellipticize 20% faster to maintain my heart rate. So, not only do I feel better, my body is becoming more efficient. So, I think it's just a matter of time.

Today, I used a treadmill in a different part of the room and as I mentioned above, I didn't watch TV or listen to music, I just stared at the sign above. I realized that the sign is one of the reasons that I can keep at it. Nobody notices me. I blend in. There are a lot of people that are a lot older than me, a lot fatter than me or a lot slower than me. There are also people that run, are svelte, and have a six pack, but nobody cares. Nobody judges. Nobody tells me that I should be something other than what I am or want to be.

No_EgosFirst sales lesson: Do your prospects think that you're judging them? Do you tell them what they should do? Do you tell them how ineffective what they're doing is? Do they avoid you as a result? Your sales process needs to be a "jugdgement free zone".

Second sales lesson: I also spent a good amount of time staring at the sign to the left. There are no lunks at Planet Fitness. No people telling me how fit they are. Nobody's flexing. When you're on a sales call, it's not about you. It's about the prospect. Leave your ego in the car. Nobody wants to hear how wonderful or smart or awesome you are. Be curious. Be interested. Let the prospect feel safe.


How's 1Q14? What are you gonna do in March to finish strong?

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