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I've been working with (Let's call him Jerry.) for 2 months. Yesterday, we had this email exchange.

Jerry to his prospect: Did you talk to Gene?

His prospect: We have discussed it some and I think I could set up a lunch sometime so you guys could discuss it more.   I am out sick today. Let me get back to work and I'll see about that.  Sent from my iPhone 

Jerry to me: I’m thinking of replying with:   You can schedule a meeting (link to his calendar). Hope you get to feeling better.

Me to Jerry: I would reply.... Feel better.

Jerry to me: Why just ‘feel better’? 

Me to Jerry: why not? 

Jerry to me: Am I hurting anything by adding the youcanbookme link? 

Me to Jerry: Don't you feel like you're driving the process? 

Jerry to me: Isn’t that what I’m doing with the HS leads? 

Me to Jerry: 


Jerry to me: Is this driving or pushing? 

Me to Jerry: You're trying so hard to be cute and smart, but you're wasting your time. Your three months is up on 12/31 and I've seen nothing to convince me that I'll be working with you after that. 

Jerry to prospect: Feel better.

Three questions:

What was the original lesson behind the feel better response? (Clue in the title?)

What was the lesson behind the pictures?

Have you answered these questions about 2014/2015?

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