Are You a Republican or a Democrat Rock Star?

This was orignally sent to me as a Republican/Democrat joke comparison, but does it resonate when I change a few words?

DemopublicanIf a Republican doesn't like guns, she doesn't buy one.

If a Democrat doesn't like guns, she wants all guns outlawed.

If a Republican is a vegetarian, she doesn't eat meat

If a Democrat is a vegetarian, she wants all meat products banned for everyone

I don't want to make this about politics, but when I got to this comparison and changed a few words....

If a Sales Rock Star is down-and-out, she thinks about how to better her situation

If an excuse-maker is down-and-out she wonders who is going to take care of her

If a Sales Rock Star reads this, she'll forward it so her friends can have a good laugh

An excuse-maker will delete it because she's "offended".             Well, I forwarded it.

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