Salespeople, Sales Leaders and Owner Ollies

You're probably sick of reading about Sales Core Competencies. How about pictures that compare 4 different salespeople?





Green % indicate competent. Red are issues that need attention. Yellow is in between.

Keep in mind that these are the 10 Selling Competencies that we evaluate for. There are also 11 Sales DNA and Will to Sell Competencies.

Now compare the salespeople and ask yourself

  • Do you want this salesperson working for you?
  • How does their particular set of competencies manifest in their day to day?
  • What kind of help do they need?
  • Where do you start?

This is where I start with every client.

If you read my article yesterday, you know that my mission is to evaluate and help 100 salespeople and Owner Ollies in August. If you know someone that wants to grow sales in September, share this article with them. If you want to turn your own sales around, or you're a sales leader with a team that needs a kick start, start here.

BTW, can you guess the #1 request and where I start?

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