Should Newspapers Die?

Last night, I wrote Knowing vs. Not Knowing and gave some examples of what people don't know that they don't know, but they need to know because it's killing them. This morning, I saw other examples.

As you know, we're moving. Elaine has been reading the Worcester Telegram her entire life. I figure that she might like to have a digital subscription and keep up with this area on her computer or phone after we move. So I start clicking around their website.

What a mess!

Does anybody know what this means? (Several links led there.)

"ERROR: Couldn't find template for class = _subscribe/ and category ="

In case you think that I'm making this up...

Start Your Subscription is a broken link?



How many $ is the subscription?




The offer expired a year and a half ago?


Excuse me, but are you sure that you want anybody to subscribe?


They're not alone. Yesterday, I was looking at a marketer's LinkedIn profile. Went to contact info and clicked on their Twitter link. Their Twitter account is suspended................. Huh?


A Hubspot VAR looked at my profile recently. I sent an email this morning. They replied, "we are an "un-tiered" VAR because we are not running HS ourselves". I replied, "If you're into HS, why aren't you "running HS yourselves"? Do as I say - not as I do?"

I don't get why these people think that shoppers don't notice.

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