Should You Fire Your Marketing Agency?

Ask yourself these five questions.

  1. When you hired your agency, did you ask them to get more visitors to your website, generate more leads or grow sales?
  2. Has your marketing agency suggested that you read this article? Do your people have the Elements and DNA?
  3. Has your marketing agency suggested that you read this article? How many of the weaknesses have you seen in your salespeople, your managers or your marketing agency people?
  4. Do your salespeople prefer working on their own referrals, leads that they've prospected up? Do they resist working inbound leads because they think that they're lower quality? Can your agency people role play and coach your salespeople through various scenarios when dealing with inbound leads. Has your agency explained the difference between following up on a referral, trade show lead and an inbound lead? Are your salespeople buying it? Has your marketing agency suggested that your salespeople read this article?
  5. Did your marketing agency predict that it would take six months to gain traction and begin to show an ROI? Are you worried yet? Did they offer any inbound-style suggestions that would get opportunities into your pipeline in days rather than months? Have they shown your salespeople how to use your content to generate hot, closeable leads? Do they think 'today' or are they always 'building for the future'?
I have been working with marketing agencies to grow their agencies for over a decade. I've also worked with many companies that were trying to make the transition to inbound on their own. I've offered to work with my client agencies' clients to convert all those leads to sales. In a nutshell, your agency could introduce me to you. We'll schedule a call and ask a lot of questions. If we all agree, I'll work with you and/or your salespeople to develop a process to convert your inbound leads to new customers. Your agency will be invited to attend sessions so that they can reinforce the coaching and process on an ongoing basis.

So, I have two suggestions.

  1. Ask your agency if they're one of our agencies.
    • If they are, tell them to schedule a call with us.
    • If they are not, tell them to schedule a call with us.
  2. If your agency refuses, maybe you should fire them or call me for an introduction to one of ours agencies.

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