Stop Fixing Them!

I admit that sales is a balancing act.

Dave Kurlan used to tell me to make the sale, then fix the customer. Think about your sales process. You ask about goals. You ask about issues. You ask about problems and pain and challenges and then, you tell them what you're gonna do, you make a proposal, give a quote, tell them the solution and voila, like magic, they're fixed.

You can't imagine how many times someone's said, "Hey, Rick. I had a great conversation with my prospect. Totally did a great job getting them to share. Got everything that I needed. Put together the best proposal of my life and now I can't get them on the phone to close them. What should I do?"

I always say the same thing. "Stop fixing them!" You gave them the solution. Now they can try to do it themselves. Shop around for a better price. Get second opinions. They're doing everything but buying. Remember Dave. Make the sale, then fix them.

Well, you no longer have to believe me or Dave. I just read today's article on the Hubspot blog. Look at this graphic.



Do you get it? Stop fixing them! End with the bad news! Prospects that get the bad news last are more likely to act.

The Hubspot Gods have spoken!

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