Surviving or Soaring thru the Recession

Crazy freaking coronavirus, quarantines, forced closures, delayed primaries, 401K shock, what else?

Economists and business leaders are comparing the current situation to the events of 2008 and 2001.

I just read an article titled 3 Steps you must take to save your company...

Respectfully, I have my own experience and my own thoughts.

First, I looked back to see what happened to me during the last two downturns.

No name-dropping, but a few of the clients that I worked with in the 2008 time frame did VERY well and, as a matter of fact were very instrumental in my 2010 (and beyond) results.

So, here's my take. Your prospects are scared, worried, concerned and thinking as one guy told me this morning, "Shits about to get real in the business world. Hold on to your hats. I'm hoping I have enough cash to make it out the other side. Been prepping for this inevitable recession for a long time."

Your reps will not be able to ignore 'the elephant in the room'. Now is the time that they need to show true understanding. Don't fold up shop. Have 'non-salesy' conversations and listen. Your reps need to understand how their prospects are prioritizing and understand Maslow.

But this doesn't mean triple the number of cold calls that you make or handle objections and close hard.

If your team is young and wasn't around for 2008, get someone to help that was there. It's not business as usual. Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse. Develop. Develop. Develop. Build. Build. Build.

I've been there. If you need me or need a personalized plan, start here.

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