The #1 Thing You Need To Change

I had an inquiry today from a sales manager that was looking for some help for a couple of his salespeople. I asked him, "If you had to pick three sales issues to focus on, what would they be?" He replied,"Qualifying new opportunities, following up on existing opportunities to close or put to bed, and how to treat customers professionally and upbeat so they enjoy calling and working with us."

However, that got me thinking. Right now, YOU are probably trying to figure out

  • How to have an awesome December to put the final touches on 2017.
  • How to use December to really set up the first quarter of 2018 to be the biggest quarter ever.
  • or both.

What is your one thing that could really make your difference?

I've seen finding the right #1 thing

  • grow sales from 30K/year to 30K/month in 3 months.
  • reach a $200K annual goal in 5 months
  • or grow MRR from $3,500 to $20K in 3 months.

The right #1 thing can more than double your sales or income in just a few months if you find it and if you work at it.

Want to tell me what your #1 thing is and find out how much and how fast you could grow?

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