The Biggest Obstacle

What do you want to do? What's keeping you from doing it?

There's a gazillion answers to that question. Not enough money. Not enough time. Too fat. Too slow. Too clumsy. OH! Enough about me....

For many, though,the biggest obstacle is the blank page.

I sat down to write this article and was faced with a blank page.

Do you have a business plan or is it a blank page?

What is your goal for 2016? What's your plan? Blank page?

How about your branding? Blank page?

Did you have a coloring book when you were a kid? What was easier for you. To color the pink elephant by keeping the crayon between the lines or to start with a blank piece of paper and draw the elephant free hand?

Many salespeople and business owners struggle to make a business plan. So we point them to our Road Map and other resources that are more 'fill in the blank' with their own information. These resources are free and fairly simple to use. If they need personalized help, they can hire us.

So, let me share why I wrote this article. I subscribe to BrandBuilders template updates and when I received the update on January 16th, I asked Joe, why people need updates on templates? Quite honestly, I thought that you build a website for tens of thousands of dollars and keep in for as long as you can, 10. 20 years.

Joe explained that sometimes a new company, or even a person, will use a template to be the first website. It will be inexpensive and simple to install. Build traffic using the templated website, then, maybe hire a web designer.

He also explained that sometimes people want to change the look for the holidays or send out emails that are branded or just start a blog.

He compared the functionality of individual pages with the different rooms in a house. Kitchen, bathroom, and closet have different functionalities. You need different templates for your web pages. In a house, some rooms match and are built or remodeled at the same time. Others are added on and will coordinate rather than match. Same thing with templates. Get a pack of templates that all match or pick up one template for the holidays.

So, Joe took the mystery out of why a small business website or even a salesperson's personal website might want to use a template to get up and running rather than hiring somebody to work on a blank page.

If you have a question for Joe, ask it in the comments or ask him directly.

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