The ONE word that KILLS sales

If you're a CEO, send this article to your sales managers. If you're a sales manager send it to your salespeople.

Guaranteed! My 9AM client will tell me that "I'm excited about ...." and my 1 PM client will tell me "I could so help .....".

I took four years of Latin in high school. Google knows more than I do. Here's a few words.


So Ego is Latin for I. Amo is the verb love, but if I love, it's not Ego amo. It's just Amo. Veni mean I came and sum means I am. Romans didn't apparently didn't need to talk about themselves.

Then why do salespeople? "I think you should...." "I recommend....." "I'd like to ......" "I'm hoping ....." How many times today did you tell a prospect what you wanted, thought, cared about, etc.

Nobody cares what you think or want.

And why does your sales manager let you do it? Every day, they should ask you a question that baits you into starting, "I ...." and stop you as soon as the "I" is out. 30 years ago, a teacher told me that people would rather talk about what's important to them than hear about the ten most famous people that ever lived.

It's hard to put your ego aside. It's hard not to show how smart you are. It's hard not to assume.

If you're a sales manager and you want to learn how to get your people to solve for the customer, get on my calendar.

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