The Prophet Amos on Sales Coaching

So, yesterday, the deacon starts interpreting Amos' words in the first reading, where he talks about how God will not forget what all the evil people have done, but he talked about it from the standpoint of readers with three different mindsets. I found myself comparing those mindsets with the mindsets of salespeople, sales managers and business owners that we talk to. Enjoy!

So, the deacon describes the first group as those that raise their hands to the sky and say, "Yeah! Lord! I know exactly who you're talking about and I agree. Strike them down."

I found myself thinking about all of those reps that make or barely exceed quota and suggest that those that are missing quota should get coached even though, they themselves have never done so. Yeah! Lord. Do as I say, not as I do.

The deacon describes the second group as those that hear the message and start worrying. "Is Amos talking about me? Am I doing evil and ensuring eternal damnation?"

These are the people that worry that they're going to get fired for missing quota, or not be able to pay the bills because they've sold so little, but they can't change because they don't know how to start.

Finally, the deacon suggests that the third group think, "Who the heck is this Amos guy and what makes him think that what he says is relevant in my world?"

I related to this suggestion most of all.

Hypocrisy in Sales and Business

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