The Proverbial Rock and a Hard Place

We've been watching some people make some really tough decisions over the past couple of months. Many of the decisions are between two very undesirable choices and the decision makers have found themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Have you noticed what the deciding factor usually is?

This morning I read that Trip Advisor had closed their Boston office and laid off 900 employees.

Airlines are struggling. Disney has furloughed tens of thousands of employees.

Yesterday, I read an article titled 10 Critical Best Practices for Your Sales Force in This Crisis.

I commented on LinkedIn.

Let's go back to my question. What is the deciding factor?

Dave suggests that the 9th Critical Best Practice is

"Right-Sizing - I'm sorry but you can't put this off.  There is no way around this.  You must do this today, unless you got PPP funding, in which case you must do this at 60 days post-funding!  You must be able to generate more revenue with fewer salespeople."

It's only one factor, but if ultimately it's a choice between your job and the company staying in business, the answer is undeniable.

I've opened up several free coaching slots on my calendar between client calls. If you'd like to talk about saving your job, closing a deal, finding prospects tha actually want to talk to you, you can grab a time here.

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