Top Skillsets of a Sales Manager

Most sales managers have an idea of the attributes and mindsets they are looking for in a sales rep, but have you ever considered what a sales rep is looking for in a sales manager? This list is not meant to be definitive or even ranked in order of importance, but is meant to suggest the mutual commitment that is necessary between a sales rep and their manager.

This is a guest post by Imran Battla. Imran is looking for his next opportunity to help a founder change the world.. He's grown in the last few months and this article is written from his perspective. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. - Rick

In his own words...

Personally, I’m looking to work with someone that is or is ready to be a rockstar sales manager and can help me grow and achieve my goals.

  1. Do you understand my why?
    • Do you find yourself working with Sales Reps that are motivated by money?
    • What about those who are driven by more intrinsic factors such as the joy of winning closed deals, or peer recognition, or being able to change the world?
    • What if, while working together, you could uncover the why I am after to improve my life, as well as, doing something nice for someone that I care about?
  2. Would you ever allow your own shortcomings to be the reason that I would miss my goals?
  3. Do you know how your Sales DNA and Sales Competencies compare to mine and why it matters? Are you able to work with me to identify my shortcomings and shape a path forward to help me overcome my challenges?
  4. Can you coach me to help uncover compelling reasons for a prospect to buy, the consequences of doing nothing and finding value in fixing a problem they have?
  5. Can you motivate me to knock one more door, make one more call, or handle one more objection?
  6. Do you understand your own value and is it tied to a desire to be liked?
  7. Are you someone who can work with me to build a mutually beneficial network of referral sales and create client evangelists?
  8. Someone who understands inbound methodology powered by engaging demand generation content that is more effective than just cold calling. Are you a lighthouse or a tugboat?
  9. Someone who can help me become a better writer and support my desire to craft an authentic voice in sales thought leadership.

So, after reading this you might be thinking,

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