Two Sales "Pearls" for Pearl Harbor Day

FDR called December 7th “A Date Which Will Live in Infamy” because it changed our lives forever. How is that quote relevant to you and me today?

On 12/4, I got an email from a current client. He wrote, "She did all the work...  breadcrumbs . . . . . ". He had shared an email string that he had with a prospect turned customer to show me that the conversion was effortless for him. She did all the work. He got it!

On 12/5, I got an email from another client. It was a cc of his email to his Hubspot CAM. The subject was, "It's hot in my office today"

The body was,

"That's because I'm burning up the phones!!

I have a demo set for Tuesday @ 1 with ABC prospect (hopefully that's OK - your schedule indicated that was open time)

Then just got off the phone with a nice referral... a Canadian company that does (description of their business) He thought he needed just a website until I got through with him  ;-) Talk to you soon."

As you can see, both of these clients recognize that they've made breakthroughs, but that's not the point that I want to make. Here's the point.

As you know, step #1 in working with me is getting taking the on-line sales evaluation. The first client was evaluated on 9/30. The second on 9/28. That means that we've been working togather for 65 days and 68 days. Do the math. 9+ weeks. Everybody that I work with has to work hard and struggle for 6 - 8 weeks. Then, some time between 8 - 10 weeks. Ta-da! I've got it! I'm a rock star!

Now, neither of these guys will remember December as the day that they changed their life. They'll remember the day in September that they hired me. Does your life need changing? What's 8 weeks from now? Valentine's Day? Answer these questions.

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