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Yesterday, I heard somebody call Donald Trump the "Tweeter-in-chief" and it made me think of my recent interaction with Delta Airlines.

I'm a Medallion member at Delta and as a benefit, I get complimentary seat upgrades when they're available. On Monday, I received an email from Delta notifying me that we had been upgraded from seats 15D & F to 5B & 6B. So from a window and aisle to two middles. Neither Elaine nor I ever sit in the middle. So, we weren't happy. I replied to the email, but it bounced (no-reply). I filled out the form on the website. No response (still). I sent this tweet.


Notice that KM's reply came 2 minutes after I tweeted. TWO MINUTES! While my form probably hadn't been seen yet. Long story short, one hour later after a dozen short (<140) messages, Elaine and I were in seats 12D & F. Very happy with Delta and KM! Thank you!

Now, why should our "Tweeter-in-chief" have to deal with the bias, delays and editing of the main stream press when he can main line his message directly to the people that want to know and can get something done about it?

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