What do you sell?

...and are you selling yourself short?

I was surfing around and landed on Dharmesh's article Secret To SaaS Success: Recognize That You're Not Selling Software, He makes some great points and frankly, every salesperson selling anything should read the article, think about it and ask themselves, " What am I selling and am I selling myself short?"

Do you sell cars? What kind? BMWs? Teslas? SUVs? Beetles? What benefit? Prestige? Efficiency? Safety? Economy? What emotion? Pride? Competitive drive? But what do you really sell? The feeling of belonging that you get handing the keys to your car to the valet at your yacht club? The rush of zero to 60 in a split second?

Do you sell software, electronics, printing, tools, training, placement, or any of the other hundreds of purchases made by businesses every day? Do you sell the thing? The benefit? or the feeling?

Does your business want to sell more to beat the competition? to provide more jobs? to make a good life for your kids?

Do your salespeople have the right desire? Do your managers understand their salespeople's desire? Did they coach to that desire today?

What could you do this week that would impact 2019 huge? This?

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