What drives you bat shit?

I got an email from an agency owner at 8:45 this morning. He had an idea.

He copied four others. It wasn't a good idea and would not have accomplished what he was trying to do. Some of the others chimed in saying "bad idea". He would not be detered and kept trying to sell his idea to 4 people that weren't buying. After 10 emails, I replied, "Do whatever the F___ you want. Clearly you are much smarter than anybody else on this email."

One of the other participants then replied, "You're coming across stubborn on this (at least for me reading it). Going back and forth on this probably drives Rick bat shit.".

To which I replied, "Not really bat shit, but https://youtu.be/nNB5-sQ_-ys".

Sorry, but if it's not fun, why play?

Wanna see if you can drive me bat shit? Call me from your cell phone.

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