What Territory Does A Sales Rep Want To Work In? (Reverse Mind)

Do you sell to accounts or work on territories? Have you ever been disappointed in the number of managers that talk about your contacts and/or clients' names? Me too. Wanna know a secret?

Wednesday, 01/18: prospect said, "I refused to apply my management's territory-building approach since last September because I don't think it's right. I have a turnover of more than 500,000 euros per year. Am I not in a better position than them to know what to put in place? I'm afraid their territory's strategy won't work, but I have no choice. Do you have any tips?"

Do you remember that last year, more companies hit their group goals than 65%-73% of sales reps who fell short of their quotas? Usually, the best salesmen get the best territories, and managers apply arbitrary quotas according to their targets and perspective.

One of the most helpful exercises to acquire new clients is refining your Ideal Customer Profile. The more you are aligned with your (future) client, the more efficient you can be. Let me share an example.

The mission was to create an outbound team besides an existing inbound system. There were two managerial prerequisites:

  • Build a steady stream of new income and be ready to scale up
  • Make everything better

Notice that there are more than two prerequisites, also known as a managerial bundle. The first thing was to use our CRM data, as we already had clients and an incoming flow of new customers. After finding customers' insights and setting up a methodology for the team, we were ready to impact profitability.

The team worked to be aligned on improving selling activities by enriching the CRM data so that salespeople could focus on prospecting, selling, and contacts, not accounts, research, or reporting (Pareto vibes).

As a result, after three months of work, the VP of Sales said, "this is the only team in the company providing significant growth for achieving the company's ambitious results." Mission flourishing, better clients, and happier salespeople: was it a success?

Wait a minute...

Did you hear anything about territories?

First, understand that this is the whole point of this article.

Also, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are territories part of the #1 killer of salespeople?
  • Sales Managers manage. What do they need for managing? What metrics to use for sales managers? Salespeople sell. What do they need for selling? What metrics to use for salespeople? Are managers' and sellers' metrics the same or aligned? What's best for growing revenue?
  • Whom should you ask first?

One of our active followers spoke to us and wrote on LinkedIn, "The best part of the conversation was that they guide you to answer your questions without imposing an answer but they really help you search in your mind for the correct answer for yourself."

So if you're looking to fulfill a wish, find a wishing well. If you're looking for business prowess and answers to your questions, pick our brains here.

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