Who are you smarter than?

5+ years ago, a client wrote an inspiring article titled What are you stronger than?

Today, I'm asking "Who are you smarter than?"

clip_image005Are you smarter than a politician that suggests that drinking bleach or other disinfectants might kill a virus?

If you are, don't drink bleach.

Are you smarter than the politicians that are opening beaches, golf course, salons, theaters, etc.?

If you are, don't go.

Are you smarter than the restaurant owners and other struggling business people that want your money and open even though people are still getting sick and dying?

If you are, don't go. Keep your money.

Yes, you can vote politician(s) in or out on election day, but in between, you can vote with your actions and your dollars.

There's no sales message here. Just figure out who to trust and don't be surprised if the answer is yourself.

Just saying...

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