Who cares what you think?

I had this conversation at 9 AM this morning.

Look at this price sheet.

HS Pricing.jpg

Three things that you need to know.

  1. Basic includes all the checked off features except the ones in the red box.
  2. Professional includes all the checked off features including the ones in the red box.
  3. The buyer's sales range from $50K to $250K each. So, if spending another $7K/year on Professional got him another sale of $50K to $250K, it's kind of a 'no-brainer'.

Buyer told Seller, "I'm looking at Basic." Seller told Buyer, "You need Marketing Automation. So, you need to buy Professional." Then, Seller started pitching Buyer on all the good things that happen when you automate your marketing.

Buyer bought nothing.

Does this happen to you or your salespeople? I'm not saying that this buyer should or should not have bought either. What I am suggesting is that from the story, we don't know whether either the buyer or the seller has done their job.

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