Yesterday's Impact on Me

Woke up yesterday to heavy rain, chilly temperatures and Day 49 of Quarantine. So, I started...



I fed Mr. Magoo.

Made the coffee.


Then, checked my email.



Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 9.05.05 AM

The person that's blocked out saw my free coaching calendar on LinkedIn and grabbed a slot. It worked and he knew that I had good results with a friend. So, he asked how I coached salespeople to be better. I sent him some reading with the answers and suggested that he might want to talk with Imran. After they spoke, Imran sent the email above. His recommendation is now the top of my list.

Imran nailed it. Here's why. Everyone that ever asks the question, I wonder if Rick can help me has to understand that I will eventually find the #1 thing that's holding them back and when I do, they won't like it.

I've written well over a thousand articles and if you're a reader, you know that most of them come from real live conversations. I keep them anonymous, but they're real.

Ready? Remember Kelly Clarkson.

Getting stronger starts here.

Thanks Imran!

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