Could today kick off your Super Bowl year?

I actually considered three other titles for this article.

"Ten Years into Retirement" - because I wanted to share my story since I retired from collections on 12/31/05 and started with Kurlan on 1/1/06 up through today and this summer.

"The Unbound Growth Manifesto" - because I wanted to share the path that Carole and I are taking since her 'distraction' in 2014.

"Is it Me Blowing You Up or Is it You Self-Destructing?" - because I want people to know that my first choice is to help, but I respect that you may not want it and you are the boss of your life and you might believe that you're blowing me up or I'm self-destructing.

I picked the title that I did because whoever wins the Super Bowl, they didn't start today. Each team drafted players. Each team developed plays. Each team practiced. Each team played their regular season games. Each team faced and overcame obstacles during the year. The coaches, the players, even the fans have been working all year for today. If you read this article, you'll know that this is the week that we need to talk.

What does talking to us mean? You just need to tell us what your Super Bowl year would look like.

Do you want to have a million dollar business?

Do you want to be a Diamond Partner?

Do you want a lifestyle business that will run without you?

Are you working on your first million?

When Carole and I started working together, we agreed that I was helping her. Our Super Bowl dream is for Carole to finish and publish her book and attend Inbound16 with a dozen-ish Unbound Growth Associates and a couple of hundred Unbound Growth practioners and evangelists. Just like Uncle Sam, "We want you!", but only if your super bowl dream aligns with ours.

So, if you really want this to be your year, get on our calendar today and tell us about your Super Bowl dream.

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