3 Questions to see if 4Q is already lost

Assuming that you have a plan and know where you are for the year and all you have to do is execute. Have you done the analysis and asked and answered the questions on the next page?

1.) How many days are each of your reps gonna work between now and the end of the year?

4Q workdays

There are 46 weekday work days between 10/29 and 12/31 and today is almost over. So make it 45. I know that not everybody is as big a slacker as I am, but seriously, even if they come to work the day after the Halloween party, are they gonna be fully functional? Are they gonna share any stories at the water cooler? How many of your reps believe that prospects are more difficult to reach during the holidays?

2.) How many of your reps made quota in October?

There were 22 weekday work days in October if you don't count Columbus Day. How many days did each rep work? If they were at 150% of quota, great! They'll probably make their 4Q quota even if they wind up missing 15 days between now and the end of the year. However, if they worked every day and missed their quota, how could they possibly make their quota taking any time off between now and the end of the year? And, if they didn't work 22 days in October and missed their quota... ugh!

3.) How can we assure that every rep hits quota regardless of days worked?

Eliminate quotas? (Tell me when you stop laughing.)

Let it play out? (Maybe.)

Force them to work longer hours? (Can they?)

Believe them when they promise to double down? (Why haven't they already done it?)

Fire your worst rep? (Would it be justified?)

What if you could figure out the why for each rep that missed and helped each rep fix it?

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