3 Steps to Thrive Rather Than Survive

Did you read Surviving or Soaring thru the Recession? If you didn't, feel free. Then come back. If you did, remember we talked about

  1. Understanding?
  2. No cold calls?
  3. No hard closing?

So, what DO you do?

This is the time that you use

  • relationships.
  • reputation.
  • baby steps.


We planted a lilac bush 30 years ago. It's the same height that it was when I planted it. It's generated maybe a dozen flowers in 30 years. We had an expert do other work in our yard. They said the plant needs company. So, they're gonna plant another lilac bush so they can cross pollinate. Woo Hoo!

You have relationships already, but have they bloomed? Do they only hear from you when it's time to renew or when they have a problem? What have you done for them lately? What have you done proactively that wasn't an effort to put money in your pocket. How many customers do you have? What kind of year would you have if every customer renewed AND introduced you to a new customer. Read the true story in the 4th paragraph then read this article.

Do not. Do not. Do not call all of your customers and ask for a referral. You won't get any! You could try this or you could call me.


Have you (preferably) or anyone in your company written a non-sale-sy article about your thoughts about something that your customers and prospects are probably already thinking about? This is not an 'I'm wonderful because of all this stuff' article. Maybe it's an article about what some of your customers are doing during quarantine or three things that people should be doing for their customers right now.

Once you have the information to share, use your relationships to get it shared.

Baby Steps

Finally, recognize that

  • Everybody is distracted and has other priorities.
  • Nobody cares what you think. Make it about them.
  • Life today is a roller coaster. Today may not work. Tomorrow might be better.

Read this article.

My practice, for the foreseeable future will be helping my clients do these three steps. What to say? When to say it? What to share? With whom? How to widen the net? We talk every day. If you want help or want to talk, start here.

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