5 Steps to Successful Coaching

So, how are sales?

  • Awesome! Best year ever!
  • Better than last year, but not what I was hoping for.
  • Same old. Same old. Hit my quota. Miss my quota. Still at it.
  • Might be time to look for a new job.

You ever wonder which of those answers results in someone hiring me to coach them and which become a lot more successful?

It might be best if we understand the 5 steps to a successful coaching engagement.

#1 - We don't know each other, but you realize that:

  • Even though you're doing well, you wonder if you might be able to do better. This is why I've been hired by reps that were the top salespeople in their company or executives that have sold tons of product, but now need to sell concepts, relationships or compromise.
  • You've been bumping along, good weeks, not so good weeks. Not the top rep, but not in danger of being let go (You hope!). No, seriously. You're not in danger because your boss probably can't find anybody better than you and it's a lot of work to onboard a new rep. So, they resolve to stay on top of your pipeline.
  • You're about to be put on probation. Turn it around in 3 months or find a new job.

#2 - So you Google What is a Sales Coach, and Why do you need one?

  • or you ask a friend and they tell you about me.
  • Either way, you contact me.

#3 - We have an email exchange, a conversation or some combination.

#4 - We start

  • We do the sales evaluation to determine sales competencies, DNA, strengths and skills.
  • We talk several times a week about opportunities an your pipeline, prospecting, nurturing, qualifying, closing and any other current real lfe sales situation.
  • Our talks revolve around what you would normally do, what you did to get where you are, what needs to be done to get a different result and what competency or DNA strand is affecting your result.
  • 8-10 weeks in, things start to change. You really start to get it.

#5 - You grow up and graduate

  • Once you realize how your sales competencies and sales DNA are affecting your results, you're better, and
  • after 3 months of talking, role-playing, and coaching, you may feel ready to start self directing and you graduate.
  • Some others that have bigger goals or dreams or want to do more decide to stay for another month or two.

So, I hope 2017 was awesome and 2018 is looking even better.

  • If it was awesome and you're wondering if it could have been better, or
  • it was less than awesome and you defintely want 2018 to be way better,

start here

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