Prospects that "Go Dark"

dark.jpgEvery day, somebody tells me, "We had a great conversation" or "They had huge pain" or "I did a great demo" and we established next steps, but they didn't follow through, they won't return my calls or they went dark.

Every freaking day!

Friday was no different.

So, I coached my client on the call and followed up with two articles that might help them understand.

These are the articles.


BTW, coaching involves helping you to understand, like with the articles, but more importantly it helps you to do and that may take a while. Look at your CRM. How many opportunities went dark or didn't close for some other reason in the past year? One? Cool! More than one? What if I could help you close them in 4Q18? Would that make your year? What if we could close one 'lost' deal a week for the rest of the year? Is that worth talking about?

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