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Yesterday, I shared a story about a consultant who thinks that his dinosaur-style sales tactics combined with his 'I'm smarter than everybody else' attitude will get people to send him referrals. Respectfully, I'll never refer him to anybody. (You can read the story here if you haven't already.)

Today, I'd like to share a story that happens pretty often and might make you wonder whether it's helping you or hurting you.

On 5/10/13 2:13 AM, Pete wrote:
Hi Rick,

You and I corresponded a bit about a year ago on Hubspot. 

I am looking for a Hubspot partner to help with Content Creation and Demand Generation programs. we are a $10M B2B company in (state redacted).

I came across some marketing content from Kuno Interactive and a few others. Any recommendations?

Best Regards,

On 05/10/13 2:47 AM, Rick Roberge wrote:

First, thanks for asking. When I received your message, I looked back in my inbox to see what we corresponded about and couldn't help but smile at the combination of inbound attracting you and developing my reputation with you, with the sales 'reach out' that brought us closer.

Second, as you may know, I know a lot of partners, but I don't consider myself a good judge of who is good at "Content Creation and Demand Generation". However, you mentioned Kuno and I can tell you that I would trust John McTigue with my wife, my car and my money. He knows whether he's good at what you want and he's good enough and successful enough so that he'll refer you to someone that is perfect for you. I'd say, follow your gut and talk to John.

Finally, I'm lucky enough to have Pete Caputa as one of my 'go to' people. If I don't know someone who knows something, Pete is one of a handful of people that I'll ask to point me in a direction. He's the man when it comes to knowing who the good partners are.

I've copied both Pete and John to make it easier for you to reach them.

If this doesn't help, come back to me and I'll try harder.


On 05/10/13 6:50 AM, Pete wrote:

HI Rick, 

You are funny and refreshing. I am sure you have heard that before. 

I appreciate the response. Exactly what I was looking for. I am in an interesting spot. Small company, finding itself in a nice position in the emerging market for (he told me a little about his company, market, etc.). 

We are seeing a great response from (prospective customers redacted) which are the early adopters. I started in November and year over year sales have effectively tripled. 

So it could be a nice ride...or the window could slam shut... 

I hope all is well!! If I can ever be of any assistance please let me know. 



On 05/10/13 5:24 AM, John McTigue wrote:
Thanks for your support Rick. The feeling is mutual as you know, so let me know how I can help with your business development in any way. 

I'm surprised that he reached out to you, but that's why they call it networking I guess. 

Best, John


On 05/10/13 8:30 AM, Rick Roberge wrote:
(Redacted). He may have seen me as connected and impartial and not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. It was an easy endorsement to give and I believe on the money.

Have fun!


So, that was the present, but check out how it started.

On 07/29/12 4:45 AM, Rick Roberge wrote: 

I noticed that you visited my profile. What brought you by? 

Rick Roberge

On 07/30/12 10:34 AM, Pete wrote: 
Hi Rick, 

Thanks for the note. I've been in software for the past 17 years or so (yikes!) starting out in Product Marketing but then migrating to Sales/Sales Management for the last 10+ years. 

I noticed Hubspot about 2 years ago and I thought it was a good answer for what seemed to me to be the biggest hurdle to revenue growth in prior situations, which was "ok, now that the sales team is operating more efficiently and effectively, we need more leads!". 

I ended up reselling Hubspot to an small biz in my area (redacted area) and helping them to implement it into their marketinng and sales process and have offered it as part of a sales consulting offering that I have offered in the past. I'm working full time now for a small systems integrator so I haven't been doing that as much lately. 

I noticed your comments on a recent posting to the Hubspot Partners forum and got a kick out of them. So I clicked through to your profile. 


I'm going to leave conclusions and lessons to you guys and the comments and if you want to talk to me, do it.

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