Starting A Business Again

Have you ever thought about starting your business over again? When my dad asked if I'd write a guest post for his blog, I said, "Sure". When I asked him what he wanted me to write about I got the following response:

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Overcoming Distrust in Sales

I originally wrote this article for publication elsewhere last September, but it never got used. I'm glad because it really fits with our conversation about American Hustle and the #1 Sales Challenge. Enjoy!

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The One That Got Away! (Sales Lessons from a Fisherman)

As you may know, I just spent a week with a fisherman. Jerry's actually a son, husband, father, teacher and many other things, but I only want to talk about the fisherman.

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A Sales Lesson from Google Search

If you used Google search today, you may have noticed that it's Erwin Schrödinger's birthday. Happy birthday, Erwin.

Erwin was a physicist that was awarded a Nobel Prize for writing something about a cat being alive and dead at the same time and it's impact on atomic theory. I tried to read about it but honestly, I don't have a clue. However, if really smart people say that he's smart, he's smart!

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Growing a Sales Producing Network

So, if you're keeping up, this is the third post that I'm writing to tease you into my September program. If you're not up to date, click Sales Comfort Zone and come back.

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Which Sales Process Does Your Buyer Need?

Updated for the summer of 2020!

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Is Sales a dirty word?

It's a simple question!

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Closing Sales vs. Helping?

I hope that you find these real life stories interesting and I'm very interested in your comments and opinions as to what you believe is right.

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Inbound Marketing Agencies: Meet your Newest Client

On 4/18, I noticed that Robert Kelly had visited my profile on LinkedIn. So, I sent my standard inmail. He replied. We had a conversation. He was very interesting and I asked him to write the following article. Enjoy and I hope that it makes you rich!

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Inbound Sales Referrals

Yesterday, I shared a story about a consultant who thinks that his dinosaur-style sales tactics combined with his 'I'm smarter than everybody else' attitude will get people to send him referrals. Respectfully, I'll never refer him to anybody. (You can read the story here if you haven't already.)

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