Consultant Sales vs Salesperson Sales

If you look at the sales profession, you may begin to wonder if they're proud of what they do or if they're feel that it's necessary to disguise who they are. Look at their business cards and read their titles, advisor, consultant, expert, facilitator, account executive, account manager, anything but salesperson.

I recently had the opportunity to listen to my son, Mark, suggest that it's not "always be closing", but it's "always be helping". I also listened to my son, Matt, share his story about building his bookkeeping agency one client at a time. When he sells, it's different from when one of Mark's 100+ salespeople sell. It's different, very different and most solo-preneurs, VSB owners and "mom & pops" relate to Matt's story because they don't think of themselves as salespeople. They are what they do!

(If you haven't listened to that interview, click on the Blue "Free Webinar" link on the sidebar of my blog to get the recording.)

OK, back to "Consultant Sales vs Salesperson Sales"...

I'm also aware that there are some changes happening in the Inbound Networkers Group on LinkedIn and the conversation is leaning toward having experts speak to the group on topics that the group is interested in. It's an open group. Feel free to check it out.

So, my first thought was to write an e-book, something like How to Build a Consultancy Right from the Start, or How to Make Your Consultancy Self Regenerating for Life, but it really sounded like a lot of work.

So, I have two suggestions.

If you're just looking to kick start your consultancy with a few good clients that will listen to you, pay you, love you and evangelize for you, sign up for Getting Sales vs. Learning How to Sell!

If you'd rather join a group of like-minded consultants, check out this new group of Professional Consultants.

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