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Greg Brown is one of the Sales Rock Stars over at Hubspot. One of the great things about hanging around with rock stars is that they ask much better questions about much more important stuff. Last week, he sent me a tweet. in which he asked, "Have you seen this series of articles? What do you think? 'How Our Sales Process Broke Down'". So, I read the article(s).

It's the story of a business owner (Paul) that's doing a couple of million a year who notices a dip in calls and sales and the gyrations that he goes through in trying to save his company as his sales dropped by 75%. I'll share the link at the end of the post. So that you can read all the articles, but ...

  • Was Paul pretending to be objective? He blamed PPC, a new product, and a variety of other factors and always ended with, "my sales method had worked well in the past". So, he never looked for a sales problem.
  • Did the advice that he got from his mastermind group help or exacerbate the problem?
  • Why did his PPC consultant fail? What was different about the way he found his sales consultant?
Respectfully, I see this all the time. The same ego that drives an entrepreneur to start a company often gets in the way when the company hits a wall. Push harder. Do more. Spend more don't always work and sometimes we listen to the wrong 'experts'.

If you're not getting enough sales, maybe you should hire a sales consultant first, rather than after a year or two of watching your business die?
  • Where are your sales?
  • Where would you like them to be?
  • Where should they be?
So, two things...

I may not be your answer, but I may be able to help with the questions.

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Here's the link to Greg's tweet and the article.

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