Is Sales a dirty word?

toilet mouth resized 600It's a simple question!

Do you think that "sales" is beneath you? You're educated and experienced and shouldn't have to sell anybody.

Do you think that "sales" is unnecessary? You've bought all the latest shiny new marketing automation software, done your SEO, done the social media thing and people should start throwing money at you any day?

Do you think that "sales" is a collection of tricks, techniques and tactics designed to get a customer to buy when they don't want to?

Do you think that "sales" is a waste of time because any human being with a brain should be able to see that your product is the answer to their dreams or that you are the best in the world at what you do?

How about when you're being "sold"?

Do you hide the truth when a salesperson asks you a question?

Why do you the salesperson wants to know your budget?

Why is the salesperson asking if you can make the decision?

Why shouldn't you be able to 'think it over' for a few days, weeks or months?

Why doesn't it matter that you don't take the salesperson's follow-up calls or return their voice mail messages?

Are there two sets of rules? One set is used when you are the salesperson and the other when you are the prospect?

80% of businesses don't want to get better at sales, they just want more customers or clients and they want them to be 'ideal' customers or clients. That's what this new program is about, "Getting new customers!"

New month! New quarter! New attitude?

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BTW, have I missed any of the things that are keeping you from getting the sales that you should?

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