Sunday Morning Saga and Sales Lesson

Arjun Moorthy sent this tweet yesterday and I replied this morning. I'll let him decide whether he wants to share my reply. I wanted to share another twist.

I subscribed to the Farnum Street blog after I read the post. I mention that because I typically don't subscribe to blogs that don't allow or encourage comments. For example, I find Seth Godin to be full of himself and stopped reading him years ago. I know that some people think he's awesome, but his style is not my cup of tea. Seth Godin's Typo is probably the last time that I linked to him. (BTW, did you notice the fit between that 2006 post and Arjun's tweet?)

So, back to Farnum Street... After I subscribed, I received an auto-reply to confirm and after I confirmed, I received a nice confirmation that included a few links to other articles. I read and enjoyed 11 Ways To Be Remarkably Average and chuckled.

So, here's the sales lesson. One of the articles that I read was about tricks and tips and the other was about being average. So, here's a question. Do you think that those salespeople, solos and VSB's that are average are trying to be average? Here's the lesson. The people that I've worked with that have grown from average and mediocre to being a sales rock star did so when they realized that it wasn't about how many tips and tricks they knew. It happened when they adjusted their intent.

Is today the day that you will take the first step to being a rock star?

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