A Sales Lesson from a Homeless Guy

Have you heard the story of Billy Ray Harris? Back in February, he was panhandling on a Kansas City street when a lady, accidentally dropped a diamond engagement ring in his cup. When he noticed it, he thought about selling it, but decided to hang onto it in case she came back. Three days later, she did come back and was very grateful when he gave her her ring.

Billy Ray HarrisThe lady and her husband decided to launch a fundraiser. They raised over $190,000. Billy Ray bought a car, put a down payment on a house and is contemplating starting a painting business. It's a great story!

Here's my questions that lead to the lesson. I think that Billy Ray was special and ready. How many homeless people have issues with addiction, society, mental illness, etc? How many would have pawned the ring? How many would have tried to sell it back to the lady? I don't know why Billy Ray was homeless, or what kind of demons he fought, but that day, he made a decision that changed his life.

It's the same way with salespeople. They hear voices in their head. They can't deal with society. They deal with addictions or self limiting-beliefs. Some never really recover and like the homeless people that die in the streets live their lives in mediocrity, but every once in a while a salesperson decides that they're going to change their life and those are the people that become sales rock stars.

You can read the whole story here and BTW, if you'd like to talk about becoming a 21st Century Sales Rock Star, contact me.

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