Darwin, Einstein & The Covid-19 Recession

Sales Bottlenecks


3 Steps to Thrive Rather Than Survive

Surviving or Soaring thru the Recession

#FF - Fun Friday - How a Rep can screw up w/AI

Salespeople, Sales Coaches and Hiring Both

Politicians and Salespeople

Calling all Sales Managers and Sales VPs!

ADHD and Sales Competency Statistics

OMG! You hired this guy?

Marketing vs Sales vs Customer Success

Apology +

Sales Core Competencies of Artificial Intelligence

My 3 Step Plan to Rock December

Can AI Do Your Job?

Mark Roberge a la RainMaker Maker

Drag Queens & Sales Acumen

Are you honest about "worst case"?

Can a Sales VP Fix Customer Churn?

Full Employment and Sales Competency

Goals: Yours > Mine = Special Offer

How I Coach Salespeople to Ask Better Questions

Getting un-stuck vs Starting over

Client Loyalty

How do you know what you're capable of?

Doctors, Salespeople and Hammers

SDRs, BDRs & Cold Calls

Hold your tongue!

When will I learn?

"You're Dead to Me"

"Closed - Lost"

Relevant Blog Articles

#1 Way to Kill a Sale

Have you found your 'Magic Bullet'?

Last quarter... Crushed or Busted? What now?

Do your salespeople lose before they say "Hello"?

Stopping Premature Pontification by Salespeople

My 5 Decades in Sales

Eff'in Sales Quotas

Coaching the Art vs the Science of Sales

The Sales Manager Dilemma

My #1 Way to Close a Sale and why you can't do it

Is 2019 the year that the BS will stop?

Are you a closer?

3 Changes for 2019 That Will Impact Coaching

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Importance of Clarifying Questions (a/k/a Listen/Ask)

November Sales Priorities

3 Questions to see if 4Q is already lost

What do you sell?

Why I write short articles

Selling vs Helping vs Fixing

As Good As It Gets

How to Scale: Young vs Old

Fall Turn Around?

Salespeople, Sales Leaders and Owner Ollies

Cynics and Optimists

Stop doing your prospects' job!

8 1 1 8

Strong Salespeople vs Weak Salespeople.... Duh!

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Adversarial Prospects

Are you Aladdin? Do you need a Sales Genie?

Response to "Essential Tools"

Essential Tools

Sales Managers! Do you inspire or impose?

Sales Manager Intensive (Summer Session)

72 Traps That Could Cause Your Business to Fail

How to Drive Your Best Prospects Away

Coaching Questions

Can You? vs. Should You?

#10 - Think and Share

Sales Managers 7, 8, 9

Things Sales Managers Should Do (cont.)

Things I Do that Sales Managers Should #2

10 Things I Do that Sales Managers Should Too

Sales Starting Points

How to get a website visitor to call you

'Drift'ing with customers

Are your assumptions killing your business?

The Bupkis Sale

How to close sales without closing

Top Skillsets of a Sales Manager

The ONE word that KILLS sales

Olympic Scoring and Sales

Sales Quants

Sales Managers' First and Biggest Mistake

Who is your next sales rock star?

Would you hire them again?

Do you have any references?

Sales Rock Stardom for Teams

Who cares what you think?

Are you a Sales VP or CSO?

What Don't You Know That You Don't Know?

Un-Asked Questions Kill

5 Steps to Successful Coaching

Getting Prospects to REALLY Open Up

Merry Christmas

The #1 Thing You Need To Change

Thanksgiving Disappointment

How to become a Billionaire (metrics)

Are you a lighthouse or a tugboat

Controlling and Directing with Questions

Rude vs. Inconsiderate (2nd Obstacle)

10 Obstacles to Sales Success

Professional Development Tuition Reimbursement

Do you offend your customers?

It's that time of year!

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Mass Shootings & 4Q17

Prospects that "Go Dark"

Case Study: Sales Probation to Promotion

Sales Core Competencies

I got fired today and I'm pissed!

Sales Coaching à la Pythagoras and My Dad

More on Luck

What is the future of sales?

Asking enough of the right questions

3 Steps to Summer Sales Growth

Legitimate Use of The F Word

Proof that your sales quota is meaningless

The #1 Read for Sales Coaches, Leaders and Reps

How to Design Sales Training and Coaching

Celine Dion on Sales

Do you see what your prospect sees?

Science, Engineering & Sales

Predictable Sales Turnover

Inbound Inspiration

Selling "Children"

Science vs. Statistics

Don't look down! The Science of Goal Setting

Sales Managers - Solution or Problem?

Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Applying the Science of Sales to Your Company

Sales Naiveté and Domestic Violence

Presidential Thoughts

w/ @Delta @realDonaldTrump on @Twitter

Value & Budget vs the Cost of Consequences

Perfection and Prospects

Love/Hate Relationships

Remote Salespeople

Customer and Client Referrals

2017 Growth Questions

Donald Trump vs. Paul Ryan

Tolstoy Says...

Sales and Coaching Fails

The Prophet Amos on Sales Coaching

15 Sources of Content

How do you know it's time?

Is your company in the 80% and needs YOU to get new customers?

A Coaching Failure

3 ways to get references on a sales coach

I hate webinars about coaching sales!

Does Hubspot have it wrong?

Buy Cycle vs. Shop Cycle

Are your customers special?

Can you do what you coach?

People Skills

Should Newspapers Die?

Coaching Secrets

Manipulation and Control

High Pressure Sales

How to get fired the hard way

Calling All Losers!

525,600 Minutes

A Surprise Guest Author

Money isn't everything, but is it anything?

Are your salespeople frauds?

What drives you bat shit?

Grow Sales Today!

Donald Trump, Chris Rock and Your Wake Up Call

How I Sell and Coach

Are you focused on the right thing?

Starting A Business Again

Could today kick off your Super Bowl year?

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Behavior Experiment

The Biggest Obstacle

Confrontational Blog Comments

7 "What if's" for me and 1 for you

Do you believe in God?

State of the Union, Sales and Term Limits

This Day in History

Does Your Blog Suck?

Sales Lessons from Sam & George from Seinfeld

Pete Caputa + Rick Roberge Squared to the nth

Quotes That Help Me Close

January or April? Now or Never?

Finding Good Salespeople

$1,000,000 in 2016? Get the fire hose!

Attention: Owner Ollie

I HATE email!

Are you $&#%%ing Me?

#1 Rule for Growing Your Business

Interesting Blog Posts

RainMaker and Sales Rock Star Coaching

Could you double sales in 40 days?

My Columbus Day Rant

This Week's Coaching Results

Is 4Q15 already over?

Inbound/Outbound - Sales Growth

When will you What to get your Why?

How to Fix Your Sales and Marketing Process

How to Qualify for 4Q15

How to Overcome Inertia in Sales Growth

A Sales Lesson from Pete (not Caputa)

My Qualification Process

How to Get Leads and Convert Them to Customers

Bill and Hillary

Prospect Tricks That Work!

STOP SELLING RETAINERS (and monthly payment plans)

Will he jump?

Inbound Salesperson Wanted!

I am a Salesman and you Will Buy!

Are Your Metrics Killing Sales?


What's Next Emma? How does Sales fit in?

LinkedIn Weirdos

Sales Obstacles June 1, 2015

Mark Roberge: "Why aren't your customers successful?"

Hubspot Partners Biggest Fear = Is My Client Leaving Me?

Should Salespeople Buy Hubspot?

Mother's Day Quickie

Should You Fire Your Marketing Agency?

The Good Shepherd

Conversations from this week

Is Marketing REALLY Your Problem?

Golfers - House For Sale

$25,000 for 25 Minutes

#1 Most Important Piece of Content

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Negative People

Overcoming Distrust

Creative and Witty or Dishonest and Harmful

Staying Sharp and Relevant

Is she OK?

Can You Build a Million Dollar Business?

I apologize for the way this will make you feel.

Yesterday's Lesson

Where is YOUR Sales Equilibrium?

Inbound 2015

Two Lessons from Sales Accelerators

3 Questions About Your 2015

A** *icker

Sales and More Sales

Three things that you can do today that will make 2015 (and maybe change your life!)

Retire Again? or Still?

Fact or Fiction?

Taylor Swift, Caveat Emptor and Carly Rae Jepsen

Stop Fixing Them!

You're Fired!

Comfort Zone Questions

Two Sales "Pearls" for Pearl Harbor Day

Sales "People"

Close the year STRONG!

What is Your LinkedIn Strategy for 2015?

Two Sales Lessons from Church Today

Eliminate Pipeline Bloat AND Close an Easy Sale

The Cost of Nothing

Doing vs. Thinking

Baseball - Sales Analogy "Take the pitch"

Entrepreneurship Doesn't Equal Salesmanship

What to Do When Your Sales Coach Is a Jerk

11 Words That Eliminate Competition and Increase Budget

The five senses of success

My apology for deleted post

What are you famous for?

Why Prospects Say "Your Price is Too High" and What To Do

Can you Inbound like @RainMakerMaker?

Attitude Fortune

Thoughts on Inbound

Five questions that Hubspot Partners should ask about 2015

Fishing and Cold Calling

Can Your Success Actually Be Your Failure?

My 2015 vs Your 2015

Father Ron, Barbara Giamanco and Judgment

August 27 Updates

Do you want to be last?

Sales Magic

How to Get Paid What You're Worth

Sales Questions for First Conversations

Back to School (Sales)

Focused, Holistic or Magical?

Million Dollar Sales Metrics

What to do when people don't want to speak to you

Sales Coaching Secret

Overcome the Hardest Part of Sales

How's your summer?

Do You Have a Bull's Eye on Your Nose?

Is it just me?


Referrals, Happy Ears and Attention to Detail

Summertime Blues or $ummertime Green?

Friends of Friends Can Be Prospects

Summers, Recessions and Business Growth

One thing all salespeople agree on....

Could You Be the Next Sales Rock Star?

Ramin Assemi asks Rick Roberge about Emotional Involvement

Bowe Bergdahl, The Triple Crown and Sales

Is Your CEO/Sales Manager Causing You to Fail?

#1 Sales Tool

Closing Sales

Coachability and Scalability

Sales May 2014

Competition, Competitors and Competitive Advantage

Sales Awareness

Play To Win - It’s Not What You Might Think. At Least In My Opinion.

Perfect Salespeople

Going Negative and Reverse Psychology

10:15 PM April 14th

Big Bang Sales Sarcasm

Will Sales Coaching Fail You?

Publishing on LinkedIn

Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - March 2014

Coaching Lessons

A Real Sales Conversation

Best Sales Articles E-Book

Sales Lessons from Sun Tzu

Best Sales Coach Blog Post EVER!

Watching the Academy Awards

Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - February 2014

Sales Rock Stars: Born This Way?

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Blondes, Planet Fitness and More!

Sales Lessons from Planet Fitness

Closing Sales in March

Love, Hate, Sales, Marketing, Politics, Division and Unity

What makes you "come alive"?

Are You a Republican or a Democrat Rock Star?

Rick Roberge's Book - Free to Blog Subscribers!

Potential What?

#FF - Fun Friday Post - What Prospects Say - What Salespeople Hear

Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - January 2014

I'm asking Pete Caputa and Trish Bertuzzi about Mediocrity in Sales

Are you listening to yourself?

Evercontact, Google Voice, Signals, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Rapportive

Video from a Sales Rock Star

Staying Sharp and Relevant in Sales

Overcoming Distrust in Sales

Sales Training ala Abraham Lincoln

American Hustle and the #1 Sales Challenge

Do Sales and Marketing Tactics Cause Customer Lies?

Seven Social Suggestions for Sales

7 Deadly Sins of Sales Goals

CTL +ALT+ DELETE Your Sales and Life

Intimidating Women, Sales Rock Stars and Me

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Askholes

2014 Sales

Five Reasons That I Get Your Reps to Sell More Than You Can

#FF - Fun Friday Post - One Way to Test Your Status

Using Twitter for Engagement

Blog Comments vs Blog Articles

How to Sell an Inbound Lead in 30 Seconds

Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - November 2013

Where was the internet in 1991?

Sales Discounts - Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?

Recycling ABL

Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - October 2013

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Sales Lessons from Golf

Do You Confront or Connive?

The #1 Best Source for Great Blog Content

5 Dumb Mistakes That Kill Inbound

The Case of the Stubborn Salesperson

Ready! Set! Sale!

Is Reading and Writing Blogs a Waste of Time?


Overcoming Roadblocks

Do Buyers Sell?

#1 Most Important Sales Question

Free Sales Advice Fridays

What Makes a Sales Rock Star Candidate?

5 "Must-Do's" to Grow Sales in 2014


What is the Right Mindset for Inbound Sales?

Expertise vs. B.S.

2014 Sales and Business Goals

My Best Sales Questions

A Sales Lesson from a Homeless Guy

The One That Got Away! (Sales Lessons from a Fisherman)

It's Complicated

Do you hate Extroverts as much as I do?

Thoughts on @Dharmesh Shah and #Inbound13

A Sales Lesson from Google Search

Growing a Sales Producing Network

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Sales Genius from Albert Einstein

Sales Comfort Zone

Recycling in Sales

Small Business Sales Misconceptions

Myths and Mistakes by Inbound Marketers and Sales

Engineers and Sales

Which Sales Process Does Your Buyer Need?

InsideSales.com Sales Approach

Low Hanging Fruit, 21st Century-Style

Are You Discriminating Against Your Sales Leads?

George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, Personas and Sales

Should YOU Hire a Sales Coach?

Can You Be a Sales Coach?

Sales Conversations, Interviews and Stories

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Seeing vs. Saying

Sales Articles

Sunday Morning Saga and Sales Lesson

Is Sales a dirty word?

Free Sales Coaching Is Back!

Oh Yeah! We Hired a Sales Consultant

Inbound Marketing for Dummies

My Services Page

Closing Time Share Sales and Vacation Sales

Consultant Sales vs Salesperson Sales

Price vs. Value

The Magic of Listening

Dharmesh and me

Small Business, Startups & Lifestyle Business Sales

Closing Sales vs. Helping?

Inbound Marketing Agencies: Meet your Newest Client

Questions About Closing Inbound Leads

Sales Prayer

Awesome Blog Comments

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Sales Yesterday vs. Today

Life's Filters and Sales

Inbound Sales Referrals

Did this kind of outbound sales or marketing ever work?

Happy Birthday, LinkedIn! #1 Sales Software!

Several Sales Lessons from my Doctor

Sales Attitudes

#FF - Fun Friday Post - The Jewish Elbow

Book Review: Sales Shift by Frank Belzer

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Senior Golf Sales Lesson

Thursday's Golf Story with a Sales Lesson

Where Does Sales Responsibility Begin & End?

Sales Prospects Are Not Sheep

Silly Saturday Sales Lesson for Inbound Leads

Who's Smarter, Jeremy Crane or Stephanie McLaughlin?

Greg Brown, Hubspot Sales on Active Selling

Make Sales Easier and Eliminate Customer Churn

Why Do My Customers Go Away? Sales!

Net Sales - Why Do My Customers Go Away?

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Compelling Reasons = Larger Sales

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Sales Lessons of Old

100% Referrals vs. 100% Inbound Marketing

#FF - Fun Friday Post - Business/Sales Changes for the 21st Century

Is Nurturing Necessary?

Hubspot's Greg Brown on "Selling To Decision Makers"

How to Maximize Client Retention, Evangelism and Sales

AIDA - Creating Interest in Sales

The Right Side of The Brain

Starting a New Sales Job (or Starting Over)

101 Sales/Marketing Mistakes

Sales Leads Entitlement

Sales Leads

LinkedIn Connections

What is a Consultant? (any, not just a ‘Sales’ Consultant.)

Sales/Goal Lesson from "Silver Linings Playbook"

Building a Flywheel in Your Sales Funnel

Now! Dammit!

The Top 1%

Growing Sales

LinkedIn Rules Against Hubspot Spam

E-Books That Grow Sales

Maximize Coaching Effectiveness in Sales

How to Sell a Year's Business in One Month

GoDaddy vs Hubspot (A Customer Service Story)

RainMakers, Sales Rock Stars, & Salespeople - What's the Difference?

How much Sales Coaching is Enough?

What is a Sales Coach? (Free Trial!)

Sales, SEO & a Saturday with Elaine

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