Are you a Sales VP or CSO?

Been talking with my son, Mark Roberge.

You may know that Mark and I have different interests that are often intertwined. Why? Simple, actually. He has always thought like a VP or CSO and I have always thought like a rep, but the two lines of thought need each other (not literally, but figuratively.)

As a VP or CSO, you may be concerned with retained revenue growth. So, a major concern might be churn. I look to the Hubspot blog often for content and thinking. Mark had a conversation with Mike Volpe about what causes churn. You can hear the interview here.

Maybe you don't have a problem with churn, and all you want to do is increase sales? How will you do it?

But trying to train all of your reps can be an expensive proposition for two reasons.

  1. Shear numbers: $10K or even $1,000  x 100 reps can a significant investment for a company.
  2. Some reps may not pay attention because they don't need it or because they don't care.

Or you could invest in only the reps that want to be rock stars like these two.

How do you figure out who's your next rock star? Two ways.

  1. We could evaluate the entire sales force, reps, BDRs, SDR, AEs, AMs, sales managers, directors, even you and you'll learn exactly who needs what, who's capable of what and where to invest in development.
  2. Or we could just ask them, and see who steps up like Jamie Foxx.

Let me help.

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