Are you Aladdin? Do you need a Sales Genie?

What would you wish for?

Let me take a couple of steps back.

First, do you know the story? 1001 nights? Hindi fantasy film? Disney? Basically, the hero is struggling with an issue and meets up with a genie that's willing to grant the hero three wishes.

Most of the people that I've worked with over the past decade have wanted to be sales rock stars and knew that they'd have to change parts of their belief system as well as a some of what they did. They committed to major effort over an extended period of time. These are leaders that wanted to double, triple or ten-fold their success. Respectfully, 74%-94% of salespeople don't want that much. They want to improve, but within reason.

So, let me re-ask the opening question with a little help.

What would you wish for?

  • Do you need more leads?
  • Do you need better leads?
  • Do your prospects respect your time?
  • Are they tire kickers?
  • Do they go dark after you give them a proposal?
  • Do they give you referrals or recommendations?
  • Could the referrals need to be better?
  • Do they evangelize for you?
  • Does it take a long time for them to decide to buy?
  • Do they negotiate inappropriately about price?
  • Can you always get to the decision-maker?
  • Do they answer your questions?
  • Do they delay, dodge or hide?
  • Do you wish you could maintain the highs and eliminate the lows?
  • Could you ask better questions?
  • Do you ask enough questions?
  • Do you wish that your prospects saw the value that you offer?
  • Do you wish that your prospects did what they said they would do.
  • Do they have to 'think it over'?
  • Do your prospects not listen to you or hear what you're saying?
  • Does your sales process work?
  • Do you wish you could exceed your quota every month?
  • Do you wish that the end of the month wasn't 'crunch time'?
  • Do you wish you could 'get it done' in a normal business day/week?

You may have wishes that aren't mentioned here and buyers are creating more every day. NP! We got it.

If you're one of those salespeople or a business owner that needs more customers, but don't necessarily want to be a sales rock star, you may be interested in this new 4 week program that's personally designed to address your 3 biggest issues that are having the biggest impact and holding you back. Fix them and turn your business around in 4 weeks.

Here's the format:

  1. Send me your three wishes.
  2. I'll reply with my thoughts and your program or refer you to someone that can help you.
  3. If we work together, I'll have you take the OMG sales evaluation to determine core competencies.
  4. We'll schedule 2, 3 or 4 calls/week to speak. Every call will be recorded so that you can review later.
  5. Our conversations will always be about actual opportunities in your funnel or pipeline and will focus on the issue (your wish) that's keeping them from buying.
  6. At the end of 4 weeks, you'll have a better understanding of how to handle your buyers going forward (in addition to the sales that you've closed during our time together).

Two more things:

  1. If at the end of our 4 week program you decide that you want more, you'll be able to slide into the 3-6 month sales rock star program and get credit for what you've already done.
  2. This offer expires at noon on August 3rd, 2018. (So we can finish just in time for Hypergrowth and Inbound!)

Enter your 3 wishes here!

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