Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - January 2014

When I work with someone that wants to be a Sales Rock Star, I always warn them that "I'm either showing it to you or doing it to you 24/7." I got that quote from David Sandler 30 years ago. I interpreted it to mean that I will always be setting the example that I expect you to follow. Thank you, Mr. Sandler!

I've mentioned that commenting on other blogs, in forums, or working with others can help build your footprint, presence and reputation. Here are a few examples from the past month.

B2B Selling in the Age of the Customer

Take Control Of Your Sales Calls With These Off-the-Wall Questions

Can Australians Learn Inbound Marketing Faster Than Americans Did?

9 Revealing European Content Marketing Trends to Watch [New Data]

3 Theories I'd like to Prove About Selling

This Blog Post is for People Who Email Me Incessantly Even Though I've Never Expressed Any Interest in Their Product Ever

Are You Sending Creepy Sales Emails?

Lessons From My Grandmother: Advice for Novice Sales Reps

5 Signs Your Prospects Are Slipping Off Your Radar

Should Your Bookkeeper Run Sales and Marketing?

Incorporating Dreams Into Your Small Business

How to Sell to B2B C-Suite Personas

The Startup Struggle: Who Should Your First Sales Hire Be?

If I missed something, please mention it in the comments.

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