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How's that one, Joe?

Today, one of our clients was asking about sharing content. I sent him this blog post.

He sent this email a few hours later.

"Can I ask a question? It’s related to the exchange in the comments section. For some reason, “Doc’s” comment where he said “Have a Great One, Rick!,” seemed like a giant middle finger. It rubbed me the wrong way. I am sorry if he is actually your friend, but that was my read. I would have a hard time not either deleting the comment or firing back. I can see the slippery slope forming. As I am starting to try and build a presence, there inevitably will be many Doc’s out there. How do you handle them? This is more than likely a conversation for a future call."

I replied that I would blog about it and I have several thoughts.

You be the judge. Doc and I don't totally agree, but I'm not so sure that Doc was flipping me off.

So, be prepared to give the benefit of the doubt.

Even if Doc was flipping me off, I believe that censorship and even comment moderation is detrimental to conversation, communication and all around growth. So, I don't do it. Disagree. Fight. Be irrational. It doesn't matter. As long as your comment isn't self promotional or spam, it will be there for everybody to see and judge for themselves.

So, understand that free speech goes both ways. (So does the right to be wrong.)

Rebekah Donaldson suggests that bloggers have many visitors that read, think, maybe download, but don't engage because to comment requires Chutzpah and most don't have enough.

So, most people won't comment.

That being said I have to be able to take it if I'm gonna dish it out, and I certainly do dish it out.

Remember these?

Are you listening to yourself?

Are you $&#%%ing Me?

Selling to DIY-ers

There's many more, but notice that I always change the names to protect the guilty. It's not my intention to embarass anybody. It is my intention to tell real life stories. Some readers read and think, "Rick is mean." Some readers think, "I wonder if this is what's holding me back." Regardless, they seldom comment publicly. Some of them berate me privately. Some complain to people that they believe will punish me. Why? Because they're emotionally involved? Because they can't admit that they're not perfect? or is it one of the seven deadly sins?

OK. This is getting heavy. Let's stretch and smile.

Who's perception is reality? The recipient? The sender? The reader? Who cares? Each person's perception is their reality and they will act the way they think is best, regardless of how you think they should act.

(This is where Pete says, "Come on Rick. Make your point.)

  • Be brilliant.
  • Don't let your fear of confrontation keep you from showing your brilliance.
  • Remember that nobody will agree with everything that you write. (Not even your mother.)
  • but some will and that's why you do what you do. If you help one person, you've done good.


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