How do you know what you're capable of?

I wrote and published this in August, but updated it to republish 11/7.

Top BDR in the company? Most over goal for the year in the company? Most MRR in a month in the history of the company? Top division in the company for the year? Probation to Promotion?

I've had the pleasure of watching some of my clients attain each of these goals and more. It's a rush, and although I helped, it was mostly them. Not one of them claimed to have the goal when they hired me. Most had much more modest ambitions publicly, but after a few months, they realize that the changes that we had made allowed them to raise their sights. A few years ago, a rep hired me saying, "I've been trying to crack the $200,000 commission mark for five years. It's December and I'm gonna be at $180K this year. I'm hiring you to insure that I hit it next year. He had $200K in by May. Once you start seeing the changes taking place, you begin to believe and expect more from yourself.

What are you capable of? I don't know, but I do know how I start figuring it out.

How much did you earn in commissions last year? Say, $100,000. (change the number to whatever is meaningful to you.)

How many customers was that? Say, 40. (again, use your number)

So, let's figure out if we can earn $100,000 in 4Q19.

How many leads did you contact last year? Say, 1,000. (again, use your number)

So, is it logical (not possible, probable or do-able), just logical that if you contacted 1,000 leads between now and the end of the year, that you would close 40 customers and earn $100,000 in 4Q19?

So, now, let's ask, "Is it possible, probable or do-able?"

Do you have 1,000 leads to contact? No? Can you get them? No? Do you want help with that?

What if you could get 20% more leads to meet with you? Maybe you'd only need 800 leads to get 40 customers? Do you want help with that?

What if you could close 20% more of the leads that you met with to become customers? Would you only need 640 leads to get your 40 customers? Do you want help with that?

This might sound crazy, but last year you contacted 1,000 leads and 960 of them didn't buy. What if you could figure out who wasn't gonna buy in half the time? Half the meetings? Would you try to contact 2,000 leads with the extra time, or would you spend more time with people that were gonna buy? Couldn't that wind up doubling sales? Do you want help with that?

See what I mean? We don't know what you're capable of and we won't until we start.

This is the way I work.

  • We start with the data that got you where you are and we ask what would it take to double or triple sales.
  • We take an objective, data-based assessment of your 21 Sales Core Competencies and use them to understand how they are affecting your production.
  • Once we figure out what you want to sell/earn over the next three months, I use your data to determine how I would get done what you are trying to do and we plan on talking 30-40 times over the next three months.
  • If you need more opportunities in your pipeline, we start there.
  • If you need better or bigger opportunities, better questions or answers, help with closing or getting referrals, qualifying, your process, social selling or if your Sales DNA isn't supporting your efforts, we'll learn how to do it.
  • If you're a rep or an Owner Ollie and you want help figuring out what you're capable of, contact me.
  • If you're a sales manager or a sales leader and want to figure out what your rep(s) are capable of, contact me.

4Q19 isn't over yet, but have you given up?

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