Sales VP: How much did your sales force cost you this week?

So, today a rep that hired me to help him asked me, when should I introduce you to my CRO?  He wants me to convince his CRO to reimburse him for his ongoing coaching with me. He's the top rep in his company and he wants to stay that way. It's good to keep ahead of the competition, right? But, is the rep's head on straight?

Two questions:

  1. Why does he want his CRO to meet me? Maybe he read this?
  2. Why should he want his CRO to meet me? Maybe he should read this?

CROs, VPs and CEOs can't think in terms of one rep, but they can compare.

What if they knew the process, end game and possibilities? How many of their reps would do this if given the opportunity?

How about some data, metrics and math?

The Pareto Principle suggests that if you have 10 reps, the top two reps might generate 80% of your revenue. Look at your Presidents Club, Founders Club, record holders. Then look the rest of the reps that you've hired. How many churn after you hire and onboard them? How many barely survive their ramp. How many survive ramp, but miss quota evey other month, or are on and off probation. Do you ever wonder if the prospects that they don't sell would be great customers.

Try this. 5 reps

#1 = $1,000,000

#2 = $800,000

#3 = $600,000

#4 = $400,000

#5 = $200,000

    Total = $3,000,000

What are they leaving on the table? Are the bottom two reps leaving $600K because they're not average? Are the bottom 4 leaving $2M because they're not matching #1? So, the top rep asks if you'll reimburse them $12K if they show 10% growth. $12K > $100K? Seems OK. How about $60K > $300K. Not as good, but if it was guaranteed no risk?

Also, how would your rep's life change with a 10% - 50% increase in income and how would your business benefit from having 10% - 50% more well sold, happy customers? Does growth cause more growth?

What's possible? Compare a handful of reps (or your entire team) to over 2 million reps that we've evaluated and to other sales teams in your industry by having them evaluated (no charge). If you'd like help interpreting the results, just ask. 

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