How to Drive Your Best Prospects Away

This article is long overdue.

So, what do you think it is?

Failure to get to the decision maker? Not today.

Not uncovering a compelling reason to change? Often, but even before that.

Uncovering the prospect's buying process? Determining timeline? Budget? No. No. No.

Every day, salespeople ask questions that a prospect CHOOSES not to answer.

They could answer, but they CHOOSE not to.

How many users in the company? evokes a response of just give me your per unit price.

Who will make the decision on this? gets "I'm doing all the research and will present to the right people."

They dodge. Don't respond. Lie.


They choose to. They don't trust you. They believe that if they answer your questions you will try to trick them into buying and they don't want to deal with tricks, they just want the answers to the questions that they think are important.

Look at this data. Notice the connection between relationships and top salespeople?

How can your rep develop a relationship with their prospect? How can they get the prospect to answer questions? How can they get their prospect to stop expecting tricks?

Slow down. Hold your pitch. Set them up to decide.

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