How to Qualify for 4Q15

How many new customers do you need in 4Q15 to make 2015 your best year ever and to set 2016 up to be your biggest single biggest year over year sales increase ever?

I'll be at Inbound this week and a wedding next weekend, but when I return on the 15th, my associates and I will be screening for 4Q15 clients. Here's what we'll be looking for.

  1. Your goals.
  2. Your history.
  3. Your successes.
  4. Your failures.
  5. Your obstacles.
  6. Your determination.

If I've got you wondering what you might actually be capable of, you can use this link to schedule a call for when I/we return.

If you're wondering what you're capable of, I've published 48 articles on LinkedIn, but you might want to start with My Biggest Client EVER!.

If you're busy, behind the eight ball or need to hire, fire, move, etc.. I have 100's of articles on, but you might want to start with Is "When?" the most important of the "5 W's"?.

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BTW, do you have contacts in your portal that look like this?


He's been in my portal for two years.

Notice that he reads and consumes EVERYTHING for over two years. We've had two conversations. The last one was last May. He's stuck. Out of equilibrium. He's never not behind the eight ball. Never has two nickels to rub together. Keeps chasing his tail.

Last May, I told him that I didn't think he was ever gonna change. So, he should just go away.

He replied, "Gone. Classy, Rick. Just plain classy."

But he never unsubscribed?

So, I did it for him today. He shouldn't be reading.

So, you and me, as Mahan Khalsa would say, "Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play."

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