Hunting Competency... Still Necessary?

If you rewind the clock a few decades, you'll probably be reminded that when most employers were looking to hire a salesperson, they were looking for someone that could 'hunt' up some new opportunities and 'close' the deals. Mostly, with one exception, they were looking for someone that could go door to door or would make telephone cold calls to find business. The one exception

was the very experienced veteran who was being hired for his rolodex. Rather than sales skills, the employer is hoping that the rep's reputation will open new doors.

Before I stop using the term cold call, May I suggest that you read SDRs, BDRs & Cold Calls. To be sure that we're on the same page regarding hunting vs. cold calling.

At OMG, we look at 13 components of the Hunting Competency. Interestingly, 

  • Prospects Consistently is there.
  • Prospects via Phone is there.
  • Maintains a Full Pipeline is there.
  • Reaches Target Prospect is there.
  • Gets Referrals from Customers / Network is there.
  • Uses Social Selling Tools is there.

What's not there? Cold calling. Doing research. Sending spammy emails.

In my practice, I typically introduce this as "Hello" ... "Sign here"

First we work on the way to say, "Hello" and increasing the number of times that we say, "Hello" every day. Then, I, as the coach or the sales manager needs to adjust all the steps in the sales process until we get the prospect to ask, "Is this where I sign?"

Let me end with this. If you focus on how many times you say hello and improve the way you say hello, you may be amazed at your results.

One more thing. When you make adjustments, be sure to make them for your customer, not for you. Avoid causing your customer to lie.

This is the third of 10 articles on Selling Competencies. The others are Consultative Selling and Reaching Decision Makers.

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