Inbound 2015

Been thinkin'

Last week, I spoke at Sales Accelerators. As stated, Pete and I shared lessons as we strolled down Memory Lane. I've been thinking about stuff since then.

Some stuff is recorded. For instance, I joined LinkedIn.


I connected with Pete Caputa.


I learned about low hanging fruit, but I don't remember the date.

I remember reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior and thinking that my life had just changed.

Are you ready to change your life?

What will it take?

Do you know that there are 222 days until Inbound 2015?

Can you change your life BEFORE you go?

What would you change?

Double sales? Look at this....

  • Double

How much is an average retainer? $3-$4K/month? Look at this....



Do you do projects, websites, billable hours? Look at this....


How many hours do you work? How long does it take to get a customer? When are you full? What's your rhythm? Where's your equilibrium?

Yesterday, I was talking with a client. I helped them close a retainer with a client that had just been burned by a competitor. When setting up a reference, we discovered that the contact at the multi-national company that would be the reference just got promoted and had several projects for our client to do. Zero to several....

Yesterday, I also had a 30 minute conversation with a business owner that I met at Sales Accelerators that's planning on going from $100K last year to $600K this year. It's an interesting offering. They've understand their personas. Their math works. They've got a plan that will work a track record that tells me they'll do it. I made a referral and connected on LinkedIn. Nothing for me to do.

I have helped our clients get speaking engagements, reconnect with past associates, dig up opportunities, blog regularly, get socialized in my network as well as their own. I talk to almost every client almost every day and we're almost always talking about finding or closing business. We are partners and I sometimes wear hats that don't fit our clients. It's the nature of the beast.

Want to figure out what it will take to be a rock star at Inbound, or reach Equilibrium or fully billable? Will it take a partner, or somebody to hold you accountable, or somebody who has done it themselves, or just a nudge in the right direction? Set up a 15 minute conversation no charge.

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