Last quarter... Crushed or Busted? What now?

First day of 2Q19... How are you feeling? Ready for your best quarter ever? Worried that your pipeline is empty?Did you crush it last quarter?

Did you close every opportunity in your pipeline?

Did everybody say, "Yes"?

Did everybody that said, "1Q19" in December come through?

Does 2Q look even bigger?

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Were you under last quarter?

Did nobody keep their promises?

Were the deals smaller? less profitable?

Were people more difficult to reach?

Did they blow off their appointments with you?

Is your pipeline bleak or empty?

Are you about to be put on probation? Read about this guy.

Are you sick of losing more than you win? Read about this guy.

Finally, read What Makes a Sales Rock Star Candidate? How many of the 8 bullets are you?

Ask anybody that's been through it. There are two clicks that happen.

  1. The first is when you decide that you're sick of the status quo and hoping for better time and you decide to do something about it.
  2. The second is about 8 weeks in when it clicks and you get it and ask your self why you didn't do something years ago.

Book a call if you just heard the click. Send this post to a friend if you didn't.

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